Ratatouille is a delightful movie that is entertaining for the entire family. I have watched it a dozen times and never seem to get tired of it. Ratatouille is also the type of film where you can discover something different every time you watch it. It is the creative works of Disney and Pixar, which are the leaders in children’s films and animation.

If you are looking for a good summer film for your kids or for that weekly family night, here are 5 reasons to watch Ratatouille.

1. Ratatouille has a great plot that focuses on a young rat (Remy) that wants to cook. He is influenced by a top chef in Paris that says anyone can cook. Remy experiments with different herbs and spices to make small creations, but is constantly reminded by his family that he is just a rat and rats don’t cook.

2. There are a cast of excellent characters that help make Ratatouille a terrific movie. When Remy is separated from his family, he ends up in the city of Paris in front of the French Chef’s restaurant. He befriends Linguini, a want to be chef that just does not have any talent. Throughout the movie Remy helps Linguini secretly cook extraordinary meals among some of the best chefs. I enjoyed all of the characters such as the food critic, the shady chef, the woman chef and Remy’s family. All of them are notable characters.

3. The third reason to watch Ratatouille is to learn how to cook. The movie gives an introduction about which herbs and spices should be added to different meals. I never used Saffron before watching this movie but now I’ve taken an interest in using some of these strange spices to traditional meals.

4. Ratatouille has a lot of action and special effects. Kids will love the explosive beginning when the old woman is shooting throughout the house in a mad rage. And the high speed chase from the streets of Paris to the riverboat will keep everyone in their seats.

5. Finally, create a Family Night with your kids. Ratatouille is a treat you’ll want to enjoy over and over. So get a large bowl of buttered popcorn and share the moment.