Rather than buying your own burley why not make it? Burley is essential for attracting fish when you are fishing. A constant stream of burley ensures a constant stream of fish.

Here are 5 tips on how to make your own burley…

1- Buy a food processor to blend any old bread that you have into a fine bread crumb mixture. This is the perfect base for any burley. Remember to process it nice and fine otherwise it will be more like a meal for a fish rather than an appetizer.

2- Add fish oil to the mix. Fish oil can be bought from most supermarkets or fishing stores. You can also make your own fish oil but this takes a bit of preparation and time.

3- Add your old bait to the mixture. Rather than disposing of your old bait, process it into a fine paste and add to the mixture. Old shrimp heads, octopus, squid, whitebait or the remains of any fish product you have eaten are perfect (even the remains of any fish that you catch and eat).

4- Add any other food you have. Most foods are great for attracting fish. Once again be sure to process it into a fine powder or paste. Foods like salami, ham, chicken etc. are ideal. Even the carcass of a whole chicken can be added to a burley mixture (just don’t try to blend this in the food processor).

5- You can then place the burley mixture into a container and freeze for when you need it. You don’t need to defrost the mixture before using it. You can simply put the ice-block into a cage and throw it directly into the water. Some people like to freeze the mixture in an old plastic milk container and either leave in the water with the lid off or cut it open when they need it.

This mixture is great for attracting hundreds of fish and saving hundreds of dollars. Why not try it today?

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