Coppi Bikes (Fausto Coppi Bikes) are manufactured in Italy and started life in 1967 with the parent bike maker owner Masciaghi Brothers. When the Brothers Masciaghi opened a small company in Monza Vi, Italy. Masciaghi Bikes group rapidly over the next seven years and in 1974 Masciaghi Brothers Bikes moved to new larger premises in Cavenago Brianza, Italy. In 1994 Masciaghi Brothers acquired ownership of the Trade Mark Fausto Coppi with the intention of creating a range of quality well priced Road Bikes for the Italian and European Road Cycle Market.

Italian Cyckes are famed for their style and attention to detail they also have a very buoyant and vibrant internal road bike market and therfore competition leads to greater quality at more affordable prices. This has helped to make Coppi a qaulity seller in high volume of road cycles from the very top to the entry level models.

Fausto Coppi Bikes are a growing and popular brand of quality road racing bike carrying the name of one of the all time greats of cycling the Italian Fausto Coppi.

60 % of Masciaghi Brothers bike sales are now from export proving the quality and growing strength of the brand in particular the Fausto Coppi Road Cycle marques which is growing ever more popular all over Europe.

The current range of Fausto Coppi Road Bicycles include the top of the range Coppi Devino and has a carbon Dedacciai frame with top quality Italian components and sloping geometry. And a Carbon model dark r DEDACCIAI Fork This is a quality Road cycle for serious cyclists at a very competitive price. Coppi produce bikes for all pockets and next down comes the Coppi MITO followed by the Coppi Mythical and Coppi Storm Road Cycles. The Coppi Diamond Road bike has an Aluminium carbon frame set.

A carbon Dedacciai fork and comes equipped with a Prologue Choice and Record group set another quality road cycle built with Italian style and design. Coppi are a fast growing brand with increased market share of the road cycle makers market.