I had no idea how bad soybean oil (commonly called “vegetable oil”) and soybean “curd” (commonly called “tofu”) was for us until recently when I was reading the book called “Young Again! How to Reverse the Aging Process” by John Thomas.

What I read was astonishing… that soybean oil contains toxic biochemical called “PHG” and PHG:

  • Slows blood circulation
  • Causes blood clotting
  • Negatively affects the central and peripheral nervous system
  • Alters hormone activity
  • Slows down vital organ function
  • Interferes with digestion
  • Can cause memory loss

Also, according to John Thomas, PHG kills rats and is poisonous to everyone.

John says that soy is a toxic plant and that insects rarely go near soy plants… and that soy releases large amounts of free radicals into our bodies when ingested.

After doing more research, I also read that soybean oil depresses the thyroid which makes metabolism slower… and in the long run, can make us fatter.

Soybean oil is pretty much inescapable these days. Restaurants and so many foods in the supermarkets use soybean oil in their products now which could explain why a lot of kids are so much fatter these days then they used to be. When I think back to my early days, I can remember maybe 1 or 2 kids that were fat. It was not common at all. Now a days, so many kids are heavy. A lot of people blame it on the new technology… that kids are so busy on the computers, etc… which is true… but there are other kids who are active and they still appear bigger than they used to be. Could it be the soybean oil in our foods that is creating so much obesity?

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