Donut ring cushions … For anyone who sits down for a lengthy amount of time at a table or work station, then the probability of developing neck aches, upper back pains, and muscular cramps are increased and are often familiar discomforts associated with sitting down through the day at the office. Being seated for hours is not good practice however it is sometimes inevitable as part of some office environments. If your work limits break periods where you can wander around, exercise or stretch your legs then you could think about acquiring a seat cushion like a donut cushion to help with any discomfort.

A great number of academic studies show that many of us have jobs that demand that will stay seated for most of the day are more likely of putting their lower back under extreme pressure. The use of ergonomic seat cushions like the donut cushion will help relieve some of the stress that is subjected to the spine & coccyx region.

Cushions for piles are unique special seating cushions than has no middle part. Usually made from space age vasco (memory foam) with its molding properties which enables a person’s body mass to be distributed evenly so that no part of the body will have to endure excessive amounts of weight.

Memory foam donut ring cushions are great for people suffering chronic back (pelvic) pains. Individuals with damaged tail-bones, and experience discomfort within the coccyx area then the donut cushion substantially decreases pressure on the spine as well as the pelvic area.

Doctors recommend donut cushion for their patients that suffer from piles / hemorrhoids, a condition characterised by inflamed internal or external rectal veins that are often triggered by prolonged sitting. Though not usually serious, this issue would bring plenty of discomfort. Using a donut cushion, patients with hemorrhoids will feel less pressure and for that reason, improve comfort on the affected area.

Quite simply, a donut cushion might help accelerate afterbirth recovery.

Donut cushions are not only for people who have current problems connected with sitting, but additionally for anyone who want to have added peace of mind in sitting and who would like to prevent being uncomfortable or injuries triggered by prolonged sitting. In addition to, since donut cushions aren’t large, their portability is an added benefit. It is fantastic for frequent vacationers and office employees as it is simple to carry it around. Donut cushions are found in various number of materials some obtaining a 2 way stretch waterproof vapour permeable cover as found in hospitals and care home environments which is great for individuals who suffer from incontinence.

Advantages of a donut ring cushion

*Excellent for sufferers of piles, post natal operation

*Space age memory foam molding properties

*Eliviates direct pressure and distributes weight

*Non prescriptive & portable – take it any where office, home or car