The Fibonacci Tuning Forks are based on the sequence of numbers revealed by Leonardo Fibonacci in the 12th century. These numbers are also referred to as the golden ratio. When graphed out and connecting the dots, these numbers create a spiral which is seen through out nature such as nautilus shells, sunflower seeds and pine cones, the ratios can been seen everywhere.

The ratio can also be see throughout the human body as well. For example:

  • The distance between the shoulder and the top of the head to the length of the head is a Fibonacci ratio.
  • The distance between the tips of the finger to the elbow and the distance between the wrist and the elbow is a Fibonacci ratio.
  • The distance between the navel to the knee to the distance between the knee to the end of the foot is a Fibonacci ratio.

It is this ratio and its connection to life which makes this set such an effective healing tool. How this is done is what makes the Fibonacci Tuning Fork Set so unique. Listening to the Fibonacci Tuners is like being transported into that spiral where at the center lies stillness and alternate realities exist.

According to Dr. John Beaulieu, “In many instances it may be more effective to work in an alternate reality to effect healing then in normal reality. This is no different than a psychotherapists using dreams or a reflexologist pressing points on the feet, hand, or ear to effect healing within the whole body. In cases of trauma and addiction people often times disassociate into alternate realities.” The Fibonacci Tuners connect these realities which can promote a healing response.

These tuning forks are a little different in how they are selected and how they sound. There are 8 Fibonacci Tuners. To tell them apart they are labeled by ratios based on the Fibonacci number series which starts with the number 1 and increases according to those ratios; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,..n. The ratio is calculated by adding the last two numbers together.

  • The first ratio is 1/1
  • The second ratio is 1/2. You get this by adding the two numbers of the last ratio, 1+1=2.
  • The third ratio is 2/3. Add the two numbers of the last ratio, 1+2=3 so the third ratio is 2/3.
  • The fourth ratio is 3/5 (2+3=5 so 3/5)
  • The fifth ratio is 5/8 (3+5=8 so 5/8)
  • The sixth ratio is 8/13 (5+8=13 so 8/13)
  • The seventh ratio is 13/21 (8+13=21 to 13/21)
  • The eighth ratio is 21/34 (13+21=34)

Of course you can calculate the ratios much further but for tuning fork purposes, we stop there.

How to use the Fibonacci Tuning Forks

When using the Fibonacci tuning forks, you’ll want to create an interval between two tuning forks. Start with the fork labeled 1/1 and one other. For example, if you want to create the ratio of 2/3, you’d use the 1/1 fork and the 2/3 fork. If you want to create ratio of 5/8, choose the 1/1 fork and the fork labeled 5/8. Once you are familiar with the set, you can create smaller intervals by selecting say the 8/13 and 13/21 forks.

Listening to the Fibonacci

As the ratios get smaller, you may not hear the difference between the once set of forks vs another. For example, you may not perceive any difference between 8/13 and 13/21. This is normal but know that your body does sense the difference.

The Fibonacci Intervals

Interval: Name: Description & Benefits

1/1: Beginning: The beginning from which everything originates and everything returns.

1/2: Space: An octave in music which opens the space for all possibilities Opens new spaces, balances Ether element, helps with grief and loss

2/3: Balance: Works with the pituitary gland and autonomic nervous system to create an ideal balance between heaven and earth, yin and yang, male and female energies. Balances autonomic nervous system, increases feelings of well being, balances male and female energy, great for centering

3/5: Dreams: The interval of a 6th in music which is call mystic fire. It is the beginning of the ascent of consciousness known as the “region of a thousand lights”. Enhances dreaming, visualization, new ideas, astral projection

5/8: Inner Voice: Leads consciousness deep in the 3rd ventricle of the brain where we make contact with our inner voice and healing. Contact with our healer within, finding information to help obtaining both wisdom and peace, letting go of unwanted thoughts

8/13: Mystical Passageway: Sometimes called the Crystal Door or Magic Mirror, the 8/13 interval takes us to the source of our inner voice which appears beyond words as pure sound and light. Resolution of life dissonances through a clear tone, clarity of vision through alignment with source, a deep sense of simplicity

13/21: The Great Divide: The gateway to the higher spiritual realities and the dreaming realms leading to normal realities. Entry into higher states of knowledge, spiritual wisdom, direct communications with light beings, devas and angels

21/34: The Eye of God: Opens the pineal gland which oversees all dualities and begins yet another turn of the spiral of Jacob’s ladder into greater spiritual insights and learnings. Greater inner truths are revealed and understood, higher spiritual realms are illuminated and simplicity, of the complexity of reality is revealed