Working with a forklift truck whether it be on a construction site or within a distribution company can be very dangerous for the operator and for the people onsite. It is a legal requirement that the operator of the fork lift truck must go through the proper training before he or she operates the machine. Within this training it covers the essential check system of the forklift before it is used on a daily and weekly basis.

Common forktruck accidents to occur

Knowing the potential accidents that can happen with a forklift truck helps be aware of some dangers to avoid. In the UK alone over 8000 accidents occur each year with forklift trucks, here is a look at the four most common accidents to occur.

1. People being hit by a forklift truck while it is in motion, this is especially typical when the vehicle is reversing
2. Forklifts being used on unsafe floors and platforms causing the forklift truck to fall
3. People being hit by falling unstable items which are being carried by the fork truck
4. It is common for people to overload the forklift truck causing it to overturn

All of these accidents could have been avoided if the proper rules and regulations were followed. For example the overturning of a forklift truck would not happen if the forklift was not overloaded. It is important to check the weight of any load before it is carried especially if it appears to be heavy and bulky.

Again with the point of people being hit and run over by a forklift, this can be avoided by the operator driving with due care and attention. Reversing a forklift truck is more dangerous than forward motion because there are more blindspots and so complete vision is not always available. It is important for people onsite to be aware when a forklift is in motion so they can take the necessary precautions as well the operator of the forklift.

It has been proven by Health and Safety Executives that placing safety posters around the work place and site reduces the risk of injuries especially when it comes to fork lifts. Operations using forklift trucks include distribution companies, warehouses, building sites and such where the chances of accidents and incidents are much more prevalent than in ordinary situations.

Managers and Health and Safety advisors of such working conditions are encouraged to place safety posters around the site to give workers and forklift operators the details and reminders they need. According to FLT’s statistics, one worker in the UK is killed every six weeks as a result of accidents involving fork lift trucks. Here is a look at some of the Health and Safety posters that are available today which can save lives in the work place.

Pedestrians and Operators Fork Lift Poster – This poster is bright and bold and the message cannot be missed. It states in big letters LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER with an illustration of a fork truck and a person. This poster is to warn operators and people onsite to watch out for fork lift trucks and moving vehicles on the premises.

Fork Truck Pre-Operational Checks – By law every day a check must be carried out on a fork lift truck and the fork lift parts before it can be used to assess whether it is safe enough to operate. These checks include checking for faulty fork truck parts, any damage to the truck, the brake fluid level, engine oil level and so on. This poster outlines these checks to encourage and remind operators that these checks are crucial every time a fork lift is used.

Loading Forklifts – One of the main causes of forktruck accidents is the truck being overloaded and the load falling off resulting in an accident. This poster outlines this potential hazard with the catchy phrase of KEEP IT LOW KEEP IT SLOW with a cartoon illustration of a forklift truck being crazily overloaded and tipping over. Sticking to the weight guidelines of the loads could save a life when operating a forklift truck.