H-D or Harley stands for the most popular American motorcycle manufacturing company called Harley Davidson. Since its inception in the first decade of 20th century, it has developed a craze among the young boys and men who have a passion for bikes. Harley Davidson has gained its popularity due to its heavily customized engines and cool designs that make them a status symbol. They are the best in performance and looks. The only problem is that they are too expensive. With proper care and maintenance, your Harley Davidson bike can last for a lifetime.

Harley Davidson Tires Series:

The H-D tires series were introduced after a significant endorsement by Harley Davidson and Dunlop. Since then, the bond has been growing strong. On an average, the H-D tires can last from 5000 miles to 15000 miles, when in good condition. If you are looking for Harley Davidson tires then the best place to look for them is the Internet. You will find the best H-D tires series for sale online. Some of the recommended H-D tires are mentioned below:

D401 Series:

The D401 series is the approved H-D tires. It is an advanced tread pattern and includes a specifically formulated compound to deliver outstanding grip in all weather conditions. The D401 tires utilize the bias or bias-belted construction system. They are available in 90/90-19 and 100/90-19 front sizes; and 130/90B16 and 150/80B16 rear sizes.

D402 Series:

The D402 series tires are the approved H-D touring tire, built using a three-ply polyester casing. They offer a greater load carrying capacity as well as stability. It comes with a computer optimized tread profile with offset center groove that enhances the rider’s confidence in steel-grated bridges and rain grooves. The D402 tires are available in different colors such as black, slim white bar and wide-white sidewall.

D407 & D408F Series:

The new D407 & D408F tire series is designed for the 2009 FL touring models, and they feature the advanced MT Multi-Tread technology of Dunlop. This MT Multi-Tread rear tire includes a sturdy tread compound at the center, which runs cooler to offer stability and outstanding traction, under braking. Some of the features include:

  • The shatterproof multi-layer tire carcass provides maximum strength for long life and amazing handling at all speed and angles.
  • It features bold and angled lateral grooves.
  • These tires are developed and tested jointly by H-D and Dunlop engineers.

K591 Series:

This is the approved H-D sport tire which was originally designed for racing, but they now incorporate the refinements to meet the requirements of sports and touring vehicles. It carries a V speed rating. The K591 tires deliver finest grip in wet or dry weather. They are available in 100/90-19 front and 16- and 17-inch rear tires.

Get The Right Tire Online:

Before buying a H-D tire, consider which type of bike you have. If you ride a cruiser then you would want to consider purchasing the Michelin, Commando or Macadam 50. You can easily get these official H-D tires online.

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