Luau’s are a great idea for adults and kids parties alike, and with so much tropicana in mind what a fantastic opportunity to feed the kids up on wonderfully healthy fresh fruits and tropical fare!

Personally I love authentic pacific island food, but let’s face it, chances are your kids won’t, plus for a truly authentic luau you would need to put a huge effort into some pretty intensive cooking, roasting pigs in the ground, wrapping fish in coconut leaves etc.

So with the little ones in mind the Party Mums have put together a fail safe menu, tried and tested on our own little natives, you can get the full recipes on our website mentioned below.
First of all when throwing successful parties for kids I always think finger food, kids love to eat with their fingers, so why fight what comes naturally.

The Party Mums Hawaiian Luau Menu

Hawaiian Pizza on a Stick…think Hawaiian pizza, ham, cheese and pineapple and put them cubed on cocktail sticks.

Hawaiian Pizza Muffins… good old English muffins topped with your favourite tropical ingredients.

Huli Huli Chicken Drumsticks…a lovely traditional Hawaiian tropical pineapple marinade to sweeten up those boring old drumsticks

Fancy Fruit Kebabs…don’t just thread chunks of fruit on a stick, how about cutting them into fun shapes with a cookie cutter first.

Pineapple & Coconut Fritters…basic pineapple fritters are yum just as they are, but why not add a few extra ingredients and make them yummier still.

Mango Chicken Sandwiches…you can’t have a party without at least one kind of sandwich on the table and for a Hawaiian Luau what could be better than one with chopped mango and chicken inside.

Pani Popo…these sweet coconut buns are a traditional Samoan fare and are deliciously doughy, baked in a sticky coconut sauce and really easy to make.