High density polyethylene pipes should be used for all types of liquid transportation. These multi purpose durable pipes can withstand the extreme climate. Though the universe comprises of one third of land and two third of water , there is still severe water problem in many parts of the world. The suffering is not due to the unequal distribution of water supply. Forget about the areas that are deprived of water supply due to unfortunate geographical position. In cities, in spite of having numerous water treatment plants, a significant number of people still has to face the frequent water problem.

After investigating the problem, I have found out that 85 percent of the problem is due to leakage of pipes and the rest 15 percent comprises of theft, metering error, fire extinguishing purpose, pipe flushing etc. But leakage is the soul reason of water loss. From the daily production 20 – 30 percent water flows out of the record, which at times or rather often rises to 50 percent. The leakage is caused due to the usage of poor quality low density polyethylene pipes.

You can say if we are able to save the loss, then probably we will be able to spread the water distribution channels to other parts of the country that suffers from frequent natural droughts. To build such a powerful water supply network, we would need high density polyethylene pipes or high density polyethylene liners, commonly known as polyethylene HDPE.

The water flows through water treatment plants through transmission pipes, then gets distributed to the area through distribution channels, then through services connection pipes, joints, valves, fire hydrants etc. it flows through several types of normal polyethylene pipes before finally reaching the consumers. Hence you can understand how difficult it is to detect a leakage. With time there can be hundreds of such leakage that can frequently interrupt you and decrease the water pressure. As a consequence people living far off from the water treatment plant might experience difficulties in regular life.

A polyethylene pipe can leak due to several reasons:

1. A low density polyethylene pipe can corrode and leak anytime.
2. Some regular polyethylene pipes can have manufacturing defects.
3. While installation some pipes get worn out.
4. Too much water pressure can cause a leakage on the polyethylene pipe body.
5. Excessive heat can easily liquefy a low density polyethylene pipe and cause leakage.
6. Frost can make the polyethylene pipe hard and stiff. Therefore a little pressure can cause a leakage or might even break the pipe.

There are other reasons that are accountable for the regular polyethylene pipe leakage, apart from the ones discussed above.

These problems can be resolved by installing high density polyethylene pipe liners. Some of them are already reserved and some are yet to be resolved.

You can use a high density polyethylene pipe in your home and office also. This would relieve you from the unnecessary run around to get hold of a plumber every now and then. These pipes are weather resistant and flexible that can withstand the extreme weather conditions.