The Holy Communion occurs at intervals, but the most important Holy Communion is the first one that a child undergoes in their church and to make it fun for the child too have a few holy communion party games afterwards. This is a very special occasion, so much so that many parents choose to throw a small gathering or party to mark the occasion. These two games are appropriate Holy Communion Party Games geared towards using up all that excess energy kids usually have.

Tipping the Orange

This is a fun racing game to get everyone involved at the party. Get lots of oranges and large sized spoons for this Holy Communion party game. For each round have two guests’ pair up to face off against each other. You’ll need some room outside for the two opponents to move around in. Each contestant gets one orange and one spoon. Be sure to set down the ground rules before you get started. Such as no tripping, pushing or shoving. Each opponent must try to knock the orange off the spoon the other opponent has it balanced on. This can be by tapping the underside of their opponent’s spoon or trying to push the orange off their opponent’s spoon, but no shoving. Keep that in mind and everyone will have a fun and energetic time at your Holy Communion party games.

Name Echo:

At your Holy Communion party games, you can use Name Echo to help the guests, both adults and kids, get to know each other. To start the activities have everyone get into a circle. Then begin this Holy Communion game by having the communion boy or girl call out their name and then starting a wave motion by raising their arms in the air. Everyone repeats this joyful motion starting with the person to the left of the communion boy or girl and going all the way around the circle, just like an ocean wave.

While these games are just simple activities that get everyone moving around, you’ll be surprised at how much fun the guests have while playing your selected Holy Communion party games. They’ll especially love getting out and about if you have a nice warm day for the festivities.