There are many vacancies for jobs in the oil and gas industry. Thousands of oil workers are wanted to start working in numerous positions world wide. Nowadays you can search for wanted job listings on the world wide web. I did a search and came up with this list of hot jobs in oil and gas that need to be filled all over the world.

Administration — project administrator, office administrator, materials administrator, recruitment administrator, receptionist.

Design — piping designer, construction manager, engineering manager, technical planner, mechanical engineer.

Drilling — drilling engineer, driller, drilling foreman, tool pusher, mud engineer.

Engineering — field production, petroleum, reservoir and drilling engineers.

Environmental — ecologist, hydrologist, toxicologist, environmental engineer, geochemist.

Geological science — biostratigrapher, geologist, geophysical specialist, petrophysicist, sedimentologist, seismic interpreter.

Health and safety — health and safety coordinator, medical health officer, safety specialist, service rig supervisor, paramedic, doctor.

Communication and analysis — radio operator, human resource manager, financial analyst, business analyst, research analyst

Logistics — materials and logistics manager, project logistics manager, logistics coordinator, logistics specialist, pipeline operator.

Maritime — barge engineer, barge master, diver, marine cargo inspector, ROV pilot.

Science — biologist, chemist, metallurgist, chemical laboratory assistant, oilfield chemist.

Trade jobs — electrician, mechanic, plumber, pipe fitter, welder.

Other jobs — camp boss, crane operator, deck officer, fork lift driver, helicopter pilot, landman, shift supervisor.

You may want to enlist some help if you are looking to apply for jobs in oil and gas. These days there are numerous websites offering employment placement services. Some focus exclusively on jobs in the oil and gas industry while others have a broader focus.

You can use one of these services if you are new to the petroleum industry. You can usually register with these sites for free. In return you may receive limited access to their job vacancy database and an online resume web page containing your details. Paying for a professional service can get you full access such as resume distribution to oil companies, job application updates and more. It is up to you to decide.

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