For the particularly devoted lovers of PS2 games, the question often arises – how to burn PS2 games? Many fans wish to be able to make a copy of their original game to avoid having to fork out good money for another edition, should their original be lost, scratched or otherwise broken in some way that prevents them from using them again. Fortunately, the process of burning PS2 games is a relatively quick and simple one once you know how, with most processes taking around twenty minutes to acquire the desired back up copy.

There are many other forms of burning software that are also designed for the same purpose, such as Nero, DVD Decrypter, CDRWIN, FireBurner and numerous other examples, the majority of which are available for inexpensive or even free download from the internet, but Easy Backup Wizard is generally recommended as the best on the market. It enables you to back up games from almost any console, including Xbox, Xbox 360, the PS2 and the PS3, Game-cube, the Nintendo Wii, Dream-cast, as well as traditional PC games.

In general, all that is needed to begin making your back-up copies are your computer, together with a working CD/DVD burner, a blank disc, and whichever piece of software you are using (e.g. Game Copy Wizard). Once you have all the materials required, you should then place the game which you wish to copy into your CD/DVD drive and then use the Wizard software as per the instructions provided. The end result should be a successful, workable and full copy of your original disc, thus allowing you to play the game on a continual basis whilst keeping the original copy safe and free from any potential harm that could come to it.

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