Imagine. You are hanging out with some friends. In the cupboard you have those bottles of wine you are “saving” for a special occasion. Suddenly you a an epiphany. If I don’t drink those bottles of wine now I never will! So you say, “Hey guys anyone interested in a bottle of gold medal winning wine I picked up last year in Sonoma?” Everyone says, “yes!” and is suddenly impressed by your class and taste. You get the wine from the cupboard and start your search for the wine opener….

Guess what? You can’t find it. In this situation, one in which I don’t have a tool handy that I absolutely need, I reach for my Leatherman Wave Multi Tool. But, the Wave doesn’t actually have a corkscrew on it. So what do you do? Well here is how you open a wine bottle using the Leatherman Wave:

1. Slide out the knife tool

2. Place position the knife in the center of the cork

3. Work the knife in to the cork with a back and forth motion.

4. Make sure the knife is deep in to the cork. The knife has to be as far in as it can go or this won’t work. I’ve done this many times and this is the step that if not done properly will cause this not to work.

5. Twist the Leatherman and slowly pull out at the same time.

If everything is done correctly the cork should come right out. Congratulations you are now a Leatherman Wave hero and not only do you have good taste in wine, you are resourceful and know how to get things done.