If you want to add ventrilo (or “vent”) to your gaming or chatting experience, a client and server are required. Each person who wants to participate will need to download the ventrilo client but only one person needs to setup the server. The easiest way to setup a vent server is to rent one and there are many hosting companies out there to choose from. Once you have chosen the ventrilo server hosting company you will need to setup ventrilo client and setup the server to fit your needs.

For Windows users, an entry in the start menu called VentSrv will be created after the ventrilo server is downloaded and the program is executed. On the ventrilo setup menu click the vent server menu option which will open a window application that the server will run in. All output will occur through this console window since the server doesn’t have a GUI interface.

Click Start, go to VentSrv, and then go to Edit INI file if any changes are necessary to the Ventrilo server’s configuration. This is easily done through Notepad; then when you are finished editing, just save it and restart the server to connect. You may also need the server IP, port, and password, of the server you are connecting to.

When you are choosing a hosting company to rent a vent server from, look for features such as unlimited bandwidth, this is important as ventrilo servers use a lot of bandwidth and the more clients that are connected, the more bandwidth is consumed.

Another feature to look for when renting a ventrilo server is the redundant server feature as this gives you more consistent uptime since there is a backup server. If your gaming is important to you this can be a game saving feature for your guild.

Renting and setting up a ventrilo server will speed up your gaming or chatting experience. Once you try it you won’t ever want to do without the convenience of ventrilo!

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