Are you tired of preparing the same old and plain chocolate cake? Are you grappling over the desire to prepare chocolate cake but with a different kind of presentation? Then it is definitely time for you to try some new ideas for birthday cake decoration!

If you are worrying about the cost it will take to try new birthday cake decoration ideas, though, do not fret. There are many low cost tips that you can apply to come up with designer-value and fancy looking birthday cakes.

Here are several low cost birthday cake decoration ideas that you can easily realize:

1. Purchase some chocolates, candies or rainbow color sprinkles. They would look terrific on a birthday cake, especially the sprinkles. They are festive and yummy looking

Candies and chocolates can be decorated together on a cake, but you also have to realize that they are two quite different and affordable kinds of cake decorations. You can do some decorating using candies that you cannot do with chocolates and vice versa.

Versatility can easily define chocolate. You can accomplish almost any kind of birthday cake decoration idea using it. You can use some dark chocolate chunks as topping for a frosted cake. You can even melt it and drizzle it across the cake for a gourmet looking cake.

2. Icing and chocolate or strawberry syrup are great for a colorful birthday cake decoration

3. Real fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries or grapes would go well in any flavored cake, even chocolate cake.

4. Real flowers straight from your own garden can also make a birthday cake be more elegant and delicate. You have to prepare them early, though and freeze them awhile before adorning them into the cake.

5. Do you have any left over silver or golden balls from Christmas? They can be a fun feature in a birthday cake, too!

6. Kids’ small toys or any other small things connected with the special interests of a celebrant may also be adorned in the cake.

7. Purchase some edible candles available in supermarkets. They are an inexpensive means to light up and adorn a cake.

These are but a few low cost and easy to execute birthday cake decoration ideas. Just remember to let your imagination going. You will be overflowing with birthday cake decoration ideas in no time.