The date October 22nd 2014 might not mean much for many people, but if you are a landscaper who owns one of the ergonomically designed ZTRAK™ 900 zero turn mowers, this day marked a significant milestone in the industry.

It was the day Michelin Tweel Technologies announced its groundbreaking partnership with John Deere to equip the ZTRAK™ 900 with the Michelin® X® TWEEL® tire.

ZTRAK™ 900 and Michelin® X® TWEEL® Partnership

To a casual observer, this announcement made during the Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE) might seem like an ordinary working relationship. However, the Michelin Tweel technology is set to provide an alternative to the standard 24x24x12 tires with a single unit of the entire wheel.

The new product encompasses an airless radial tire, which is simply bolted on, and you are ready to start working on your lawn. With no pressure to maintain during your landscaping projects, the benefits are significant making the John Deere-Michelin Tweel Technology partnership phenomenal for the industry.

THE Michelin® X® TWEEL®

If you have been looking for the best tire for your ZTRAK™ 900 workhorse, you will concur that most of the products in the market were not up to the task. To appreciate the ingenious technologies used in developing the tire, consider these features:

• Great lateral stiffness and durability: Provided by zero degree and high tensile steel belts which also resist any damages, especially on impact and penetrations.

• Easy maintenance: Michelin X Tweel Turf has deep open tread innovative design for easy cleaning and traction when working on slippery turfs.

• Reduced bounce and load capacity: The unique high strength poly-resin spokes manage to carry the load while at the same time damping your ride through energy transfer to reduce bounce common with ordinary tires.

• Easy fitting: Whether you have mechanical expertise or not, the universal 8-hole gauge steel hub is easy to bolt onto. Within minutes your mower will be out working.

• Reduced downtime translating into more productivity: Ordinary tires are awful in turf projects, and pneumatic alternatives also frustrate due to penetration and impact damage. The Michelin X Tweel Turf for ZTrak™ 900 Series gives you the advantage of pneumatic tires, but eliminates the costly downtime caused by tire damage.

• Neater work: The multi-directional tread design in this revolutionary tire is optimized for minimal turf damage. Your project will always be a delight to look at which means more clients coming your way.

With a wear life three times that of pneumatic tire, the Michelin X Tweel Turf for ZTrak™ 900 Series might be the last tire Zero Turn Mowers have to buy for a long time to come. Comfort, reduced downtime and versatility in application make this the quintessential tire for every zero turn mower.