Orange Blossom Honey – This variety of honey is actually a citrus honey. This variety is quite costly but it is very much tastier and it tastes much like an orange. Basically everyone loves to taste honey. In particular Orange Blossom honey with a good taste will really be liked and loved by people and also they enjoy the taste and flavor of the honey.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange – It is the most famous and legendary chocolate product which was contrived by Kraft Foods Company and it was put on the market for sale only in UK. Initially it was sold only in United Kingdom but now it has been in the market all over the world. It just appears like a sphere-shaped ball and the chocolate is mixed with Orange oil and the chocolate is alienated into segmented which gives a very similar look as a real orange fruit and it is swathed in orange colored foil. At times of package the segments are jammed together and it is kept ready to eat and flavor the taste of the chocolate.

Orange Drink – Orange drink just refers to a tasty, flavored, sweet, sugary orange flavored drink. The most familiar orange drinks are Tang, Orange Squash, Sunny Delight and Orange Julius. Orange Julius is a combination of ice, white powder and orange juice. Orange Drink is manufactured and marketed by a company called Dairy Maid on Bahamian island of New Providence. Orange drinks are tasty, rich flavored and they are with a good taste. Orange Drink gives energy and freshness to the body.

Orange Crush – Orange Crush is a soft drink made out of oranges. Orange crush was manufactured in Chicago in the year 1906 by Thompson. Very sooner the drink became very much popular and it started spreading its popularity all over United States. In the mid of 20th century the availability of Orange crush started decreasing and its availability has been decreased considerably. Now it is available only in very few areas. The Crush brands are now griped by Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. It is a company which sells the soft drinks in bottles and tins.

Club Orange – Club Orange is a very famous soft drink manufactured by Cantrell and Cochrane in Ireland. It is easy to prepare this soft drink and its ingredients are Orange juice, Sugar, Citric acid, Carbonated water, Orange fruit and sodium benzoate for preserving, apocarotenal, ascorbic acid and color beta carotene. It is easily identifiable by the orange fruit tissue that lingers in the soft drink after being formed. It is the most popular drink among the Irish people and it one of the most wanted and expected product among the people of Ireland.

Fanta – Fanta is an orange flavored soft drink. The ingredients required for preparing Spanish Fanta Orange formulation is citric acid, sucrose, carbonated water, sodium benzoate, sugar, orange juice, gum arabic, guar gum, ascorbic acid and food coloring. It is the most popular drink all over the world and this drink is marketed in cans, bottles and tin. People love to have chilled Fanta at times of hot summer and hot sunny day. Fanta comes in different flavor like orange flavor, lemon flavor and apple flavor. Among this Orange flavor is the most wanted drink among the people.

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