The Truth About Pampered Chef – The Good…

The Pampered Chef is a network marketing company that specializes in selling high quality kitchen utensils through its network of independent Consultants. It is based in Berkshire, Hathaway, and has been in business for more than 30 years.

If you are just looking to buy Pampered Chef items then you usually arrange to attend a show in your local area. This is where the Consultants will demonstrate the products, let you see and try them, give you information, and try and persuade you to buy as much as possible. If you like the products and are looking for an opportunity to make some more money, you can sign up as a Consultant yourself, and sell the products to others.

The Bad…

The thing about Pampered Chef is that the company presents these shows in such a way so as people think this is the only option they have when trying to sell their products and build their business, but this is far from being the case. In fact, if you limit yourself to only selling in this way you are unlikely to make much money at all.

The key to exploding your Pampered Chef business and making more money than you ever dreamed possible is breaking away from the constraints imposed by sales parties, and looking instead to more modern marketing techniques.

While sale-parties focus very much on “warm marketing” techniques, most successful network marketers in the 21 st century are using “target marketing” techniques instead. These techniques are proven to work time and again, and will generate hundreds of leads for your business every single week. They will also help you to add 2-3 people into your business every single day.

If you have a computer and access to the internet then start-up costs will be very low, and it will cost you nothing to post articles, blogs, forum comments, questions, answers, and press releases. People all over the world will see them, not just a few people in your living room, d will contact you asking for information on Pampered Chef. The potential market that will open up to you is huge, and instead of just selling a few products per night to your friends and family you will be selling more products than you can keep up with, all over the world.

Internet marketing really is the future of MLM, and if you want to explode your Pampered Chef business then it is definitely worth investing in the training.

To find out more about how internet marketing could help you in your business, see the Pampered Chef Success Manual

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