Personal success cannot be achieved without personal competence. Therefore, if you want to become successful you must gain competence at whatever you will be doing.

Well, how does a person gain competence?

In order to answer that question clearly, let’s start off with a good definition of competence as found in WordWeb:

Competence: “The quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually.”

In other words, competence is achieved by gaining the physical skills and abilities and the knowledge you need to achieve personal success.

It is often thought that competence is a gift that some people have and others don’t. Don’t you believe that for one second! If you do, you have three strikes against you to start off with.

Competence is something any average person can gain through personal effort. That’s right…personal success comes by personal effort to gain the physical skills and the mental knowledge you need to be successful. If you understand this, you can understand why someone with a low IQ can easily beat out a person with a very high IQ in any profession.

As an example, may parents owned a donut shop. My brother, sister and I all worked there since we could reach above the cutting table and until we were out of high school.

By the time I was 12 years old, I could mix a batch of dough, raise and punch it down properly at the right times, roll out and cut the doughnuts, raise them again, fry them, and glaze them with great proficiency and ease. At the age of 10 I was a whole lot more competent at making doughnuts than the smartest college professor who had never seen the inside workings of a doughnut shop.

I had the physical skills and the knowledge to be a personal success at doughnut making, because I was a competent little doughnut.

So what’s the point I am making?

You can be a personal success! All you have to do is to decide on what you feel is within your range of natural abilities and get the training and education you need. I would also advise that you choose something you enjoy.

Be willing to pay the price by receiving low wages or no wages if you have to, getting lots of knowledge or whatever else it takes to become competent at your chosen field, and stick with it! In time you will competent worker and of great value to some employer, or you will be a competent and successful owner of your own business.

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