The “Application Error 17235” appears on the screen when using a DVD backup tool such as “InterVideo DVD Copy” and the program encounters a problem which asks for early closure. The error message is resulted by not rebooting the pc immediately after the tool is installed, or the DVD drive of your computer is not equipped with the latest driver.

To resolve this error,

1. Back to computer desktop and press the “Start” button from the lower left corner of the screen. Click the “Control Panel” and wait till a new window is displayed. Scroll Control Panel and double-click the icon called “Programs and Features”.

2. Click on the “Name” field below the “Organize” title to sort the list of all the programs installed on the hard disk of your computer. Find the name of the software that is reporting the “Application Error 17235” message. It shall be in the list of installed applications. Click on the item, and then click the “Uninstall” option at the top of the window.

3. Keep waiting until the program’s uninstalling finishes, and then turn off the Programs and Features window. Put in the installation CD for the program that has been removed from your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. Once the installation wizard pops up and asks you to restart computer, do as it says.

4. Now, try to use the application again to see if the error message is still displayed. Close the program and click the “Start” menu and then the control panel. Double-click the “Device Manager” button. Click “Continue” when your operating system opens a new window asking for permission to open the Device Manager list.

5. Look for the item in the menu shown as “DVD/CD-ROM”. Click the entry to expand a new list of options. Find the name of your DVD drive and right-click on it. Click “Update Driver” from the menu that appears. Wait to complete the current driver installation and restart the system. Open the program that gives you the error message and try to use it again.

Because the error is a general error, there really is not much to do to solve the problem. But with a little patience and perform above solution, you should be able to solve the problem with a minimum of effort and be back to normal situation.

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