The French Paradox is a term for a puzzling question that has the health industry thinking and hypothesizing for decades. How can the general french populace eat such fat rich diets, as rich or richer than the western diet that america is so used to and live longer and healthier than their american counterpart?

You would think the French have some type of genetic disposition that would give them an extended lease on life. Amazingly surprised, this is not the case. The case with the French Paradox is that the French citizenry consume red wine, which is something most americans do not partake in. So what is so special about French people and consuming copious amounts of red wines ?

Well if you have read any recent scientific research studies in medical science, you would probably know that Harvard Scientist and Sirtris Co-Founder David Sinclair has bumped into a new discovery that might just connect the French Paradox to consuming copious amounts of red wines in many ways.

David Sinclair had recently discovered about a way to extend life in yeast by using a compound called Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a phytoalexin substance that is found present in the skins of red grapes and several other berry fruits. Now let’s go back to thinking about the French Paradox and how the French had longer and healthier lives. Was it the Resveratrol content in the red grapes that were used to make red wine?

There was a couple more studies that were made to prove a possible connection between red wine and french and astounding life expectancy rates. Lab mice were given a rich diet and there was a study with one mouse receiving resveratrol supplements and another mouse not taking resveratrol supplements. The mice were put on a treadmill and then eventually dissected to show long term effects of resveratrol supplements and rich dieting.

The mouse with the resveratrol supplements demonstrated a drastic improvement in performance , almost running twice as fast than the other mouse in the treadmill test. Both mice were then dissected and the clear winner was the mouse that took resveratrol supplements. A remarkable showing of healthy organ tissue and less damage than the other mouse that was not taking the resveratrol supplements.

So there is the French Paradox, summed up. The French consume great amounts of Red wine and the resveratrol supplements content has assisted them in living longer and healthier lives. If you do not want to consume copious amounts of red wine or maybe you do not drink, look into taking a resveratrol supplements . You are able to receive the same benefits without getting drunk on wine!