The wine industry is quite lucrative and if you are passionate about the area you definitely will be looking forward to land a good job in your area of interest. But one fact about wine jobs is that it can be very difficult to land a top job, especially without relevant experience even though you may have the papers. Those in business love hiring candidates who are familiar with the field and it would therefore be a very good idea to be willing to start small and even take an internship so you have the chance to gain some experience then start making your way to the top.

It is however still very possible for you to find wine jobs and land a good one. When you apply for a position and you are lucky enough to be called in for an interview, you should strive to be your best so you can increase your chances of being hired. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that can help you get good results in a wine job interview.

The don’ts

Do not show up late. This is bad for any interview and it can rob you a good chance of standing out from the rest. It is best to make sure that you get there early enough in that you even have time to get composed and ready to give an impressive interview.

Do not wear perfume. This also goes for any other scented product you may think of using on the morning of the interview. Remember that wine has a lot to do with taste and smell and when you wear perfume, it will be interpreted to mean that you are not really a wine-savvy person. Keep it neutral.

Don’t badmouth other wineries. Just because you worked at a bad winery does not give you the right to bad mouth, it even if the people eccentric you feel the people there were or are. Badmouthing another winery only gives the interviewer the feeling that you will be doing the same for their business and it can’t be good.

Do not talk about the high end market. Just because a winery is high end does not necessarily mean that it only targets high end clientele. Doing so only makes you look elitist and it will not do you any favors getting the job.

The do’s

Research the winery. The more you know the winery the better you are in preparing for the interview and answering the questions or engaging the panel. Use social media pages and website to get as much basic information as you possibly can.

Dress appropriately. It can determine how seriously you are taken and it should be guided by the brand you are interviewing for. For instance, if you are going for an interviews in a family owned winery that is small or medium sized and they all wear jeans, choose a good shirt and jeans because a three piece suit would be an overkill. For ultra-premium winery, then a suit should be perfect.

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