This thing called Self-Esteem is a combination of many things. As complicated as it might seem I will list some of the ingredients that are baked into it so you get an idea how it’s made. You might not agree with who I believe makes it, but you can’t deny what goes into making it.

Were not born with self-esteem, it’s an accumulation of ingredients we experience over a period of time. It can be low esteem or anything up to and including high esteem. This will change as we encounter different things throughout our lives.

These things that happen to us, the thoughts and feelings we have, where do they come from? I will give you my thoughts on this in a few moments, but first lets list the ingredients for the self-esteem recipe.

2 cups of your weaknesses

1 cup of temptation

2 tablespoons of greed

1 tablespoon of anger

1/2 cup of your accomplishments, successes, charity and hope

1 cup of your failures

1 teaspoon of the following – pride, stress, anxiety, regret and fear

I left out a lot of things, but you get the idea. There are a lot of things that go into the mix when it comes to forming this thing called esteem.

You know the one thing I left out from the list above, it’s YOU. All those ingredients are useless unless you are in the mix. The success of this recipe all depends on how you, will it come out burnt or will it come out as a something good to eat.

What I Believe

This you may or may not believe, but here goes.

All the things you encounter in life turn into thoughts. These in turn create feelings and these feelings mold you into who you are. Of course one of these is your esteem.

I think we can agree that there are many more negative than positive things we experience in this world and there’s a reason for this. It’s called evil or sin.

The question is, how will you digest it? When you bake all these ingredients inside of you, what will the final product look like?

You see this thing called Sin knows your weaknesses, it knows how to take good and make it bad, it uses your thoughts and presents you with negative influences to kill your esteem. It is an Esteem Killer.

It does a lot more than this, but esteem covers a lot of ground so it’s especially good at killing that.

Now the question is, what will you do about it?

Knowing what’s at the core of all of this, what are the first steps to take?

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