Try unique stuffs

If you regularly employ the same old styles while having sex, try something new. For instance, you should come up with new exciting positions and try it with your partner. If it occur that you mainly do it with him while he is on top of you, trying getting up there and thrust him. if your man does rear entry, allow him to penetrate you from the rear end. I suggest you position yourself at the spoon end of your bed. You can have sex with him in the kitchen, doing it with him on the table or even on the ground. When you are sexually excited, these positions are very enjoyable to try. Try one of these best love making techniques with your partner tonight and feel the most intensified excitement in love making.

Try watching blue film with your partner

Males enjoy watching porn. So it doesn’t matter if you value it or not, it will always continue to happen, he might want to use it to pass time. There are other erotic tv shows available which isn’t offensive to some ladies. One of them is Femme Productions. Watching a sexy film prior to going to bed is likely to enlighten his passion and enthusiasms to your lovemaking.

Get up your partner at night to make love to him

When your partner has her attention on something, you can seduce him delicately into it. Rub your sizzling vulva around his penis while he’s asleep or better still you can smooch him with your ass. Move your hips gradually when you doing it. Soon you will see he will be eagerly to kick it with you. This is good for the nights you know you won’t have to wake up early the following day. Better love making technique!

Apply a lubricant for better excitement

Adding a little lubricant to your vagina if you have a slightly wet vagina is often revolutionary. You can apply a little Probe to enhance the feelings of your lovemaking.

Apply lubricant in the inside of your condom

Adding a small lubricant inside the condom will make your penetration into the vagina smooth and enjoyable. Do not apply excess of it because it can slip when you never anticipated it. This is one of the few classic love making techniques unknown to most men.

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