When people buy wine goblets they’ll tend to go straight for either glass or crystal, never bothering to look at the more traditional alternatives such as clay, pewter or wood.

Pewter is a metal alloy which if smoothed and varnished looks very similar to silver which a shiny metallic appearance. They’re a very traditional drinking goblet and when glass and crystal were highly rare luxuries they were more often present at a noble’s table.

They offer a different flavor of drinking than glass goblets because they infuse a slight metallic tang to the wine. Some people will obviously see this as a flaw as opposed to an advantage, but most others see it as an acquired taste. Just as beer is considered rarely a tasty beverage to many when they first start to drink it, over time they come to adore the taste. The same is true from drinking from pewter because the change in the taste of wine is acquired and for many improves the taste.

It has other advantages of course, a practical one being that they’re very difficult to break and can be dropped on the floor all day with little damage taken. They’re also somewhat different and unique because most households admittedly don’t have pewter wine goblets so if standing out is what you want to do then presenting these at a dinner will surely do the trick.

One downside however is the price, because they’re definitely most expensive than either glass or crystal by usually around fifty dollars at least.