I need to take my hat off to those in the industry like us who do wine writing. Especially those who can do numerous wine tastings and then give a wine a rating. I think the term is super taster. I am in no way knocking that person, but I have seen some tastings where a person does 30, 40 or 50 wines and then gives them a rating, again our hats off to you.

I say all this because we receive samples from wineries and do not sample all their wines at one time in one sitting. With that said it does take us longer to get through all the wines sent to us, we are not complaining in the least. We attempt to mix the wine up and not do all one winery rating at a time. We have chosen to enjoy each wine that is sent to us with a meal or a special occasion. We figure the winery or importer went through the trouble to send us wine, the least we can do is give it a fair tasting. To us that means one wine, one meal, one rating.

We decanted this 06 Pinot for almost an hour and began our tasting. The color was light ruby red with hints of purple. This wine had great legs that showed a little of the body and alcohol content. Our nose was greeted with mild earth aroma and over ripe fruit. Our palate was greeted with a medium sour cherry taste that lingered a while. This wine had a medium finish with a not bad, sour cherry after taste. We looked forward to pairing this with our meal of the night.

KD made salmon and capers, one of my favorite meals. OK so all of her meals that she makes are pretty much my favorite, but who is keeping track. Did we just say red wine and fish? Yes we did. I believe a lot of people do not know that is OK to mix it up a bit. A medium to light red wine particularly a Pinot goes great with fish and with our Salmon it should pair pretty good,! We paired this wine with Salmon, fresh steamed spinach and rock salt topped yam slices. The meal was to die for, the wine “…” was just fair to OK. We rated it the same with and without the meal, really no difference to distinguish.

You can find this wine for about $35.00. In all fairness this winery suggests you pair this with Spicy Thai or calamari. Maybe you can try that and get back with us!!!

As a side note wine enthusiast rated this 89 points.

We rate this wine (Fair-OK)

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Disclaimer: Just because we like or dislike a wine does not mean that you will have the same experience. Of course it is always worth a try, tell us what you think??