Most people never think about their Birthday Angel, yet each of us has one. Every month of the year has an angel governing over it, and each angel has a unique message for us.

If you celebrate a January birthday, your angel of the month is Gabriel. Since January is synonymous with longer nights, you can summon Gabriel whenever you feel the light leaving your spirit throughout the year.

The Angel of February birthdays is Barchiel. February is a month that can truly test our patience! Feel free to call on Barchiel to help you focus on the positive throughout the year.

The Angel of March is Machidiel. March has two faces personified by the lion and the lamb. Ask for help from Machidiel for putting your best personality forward.

The Angel Asmodel presides over April. Just as the earth awakens in Spring, you can ask Asmodel to help you uncover the slumbering spirit within you.

May birthdays are heralded by Ambriel. Ambriel will bring guidance and wisdom as you nurture new endeavors.

Muriel is the Angel of June, a month known for beginnings. If you’ve chosen to embark on a new journey, Muriel will help light your way.

The Angel of July is Verchiel, who promises to provide clarity as you reflect on life’s most precious gifts.

The Angel of August birthdays is Hamaliel. When you’re struggling against something, call on Hamaliel to help you determine the best course of action to reach your goal.

Uriel is the Angel who watches over September. Ask Uriel’s wisdom in choosing the things you can do now that will yield the greatest dividends.

October babies are under the guidance of Angel Barbiel. Barbiel is at your side when change enters your life, and is ever-present to give the support you need to weather the transformation.

The Angel of November is Adnachiel. Call on Adnachiel to help you remember all that you have to be grateful for.

The Angel Anael walks with those born in December. We can unwrap the special gifts of December anytime throughout the coming year, and Anael is always near to help us undo the ribbons!

Take special note of the angel presiding over your birth month. You are especially dear to your Birthday Angel, for your journey on earth began under their watchful care!

The angels are ready to help us interpret the messages and lessons of the seasons as we advance through the year. Call on these angels by name should you struggle during a particular month, and ask for their wisdom and insight.