In the world of non stick cookware All Clad non stick cookware stands above the rest! All Clad is the most celebrated and prevalent manufacturer of fine quality professional cookware in the world today. They created a line of cookware not to long ago called the LTD line, and it was a big hit! Today, there is the LTD2 line of All Clad non-stick cookware available and it promises to be an even bigger hit for professional chefs and home chefs the world over!The LTD2 line is of course based on the original LTD line, but with the advent of the new LTD2 there are some new state of the art enhancements to the line that are sure to impress even the most discriminating chef or gourmet home chef.

One of the new advanced features of the new All Clad LTD2 line is the fact that it is dishwasher safe, unlike its predecessor the LTD line. This of course for the busy home “foodie” or chef is a great time saver which is a feature that everyone is looking for these days is to save more time.There have also been state of the art enhancements to the construction of the LTD2 line. The core of this line is all aluminum for heat conductivity and this core is constructed to go all the way up the sides of the pot or pan that you have chosen to use. The surface of the new LTD2 line is pure rolled 18/10 stainless steel which offers maximum heating potential and will not negatively react with the food you cook!

The anodizing of the All Clad LTD2 line is All Clads own proprietary process and much more impervious to peeling, scratching and chipping off as with what you might see with lesser quality cookware these days! The lids as well as all the handles and rivets of the LTD2 line offer the aesthetics of stainless steel on a background of black hard anodize. If you are a discriminating home chef or professional chef that appreciates unmatched styling, and unprecedented professional quality in modern cookware then check out the All Clad LTD2 series!

A Review Of LTD2 Features:

1. LTD2 cookware is dishwasher safe.

2. Even heat allocation across cooking surface ensures all ingredients will cook evenly and identically.

3. All Clads patented 5 ply bonding and superior nonstick cooking surface

4. Easy cleanup.

5. The LTD and LTD2 line are made to cook without “hot spots.”

6. Stay cool cast stainless handles.

7. Proudly made in the United States.

8. All Clad lifetime warranty against defects in manufacture.

If you are looking for professional grade non-stick cookware that is used by professional chefs and gourmet home chefs alike, then think All Clad LTD2.

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