People all over the world generally start their day with a cup of black tea and that black brew is, in most cases, Assam blends. Black blends from Assam have immense health benefits. Interesting thing is that people consume this beverage, in fact like it very much, without knowing how beneficial it is to human health. Loose leaf Assam tea has greater health benefits than the tea bags because whole leaves contain all the nutrients of the brew.

Green tea is definitely a healthy drink but black blends too deserve some rewards for their health benefits. Many do not know that after water, black brew is regarded as the ‘second most consumed beverage’. Refreshing hot black tea or chilled iced tea – It can make your serious office session or daily hangpout far more interesting. When someone talks of black blends, only name inevitably comes to everyone’s mind – it is Assam tea.

Assam brew is popularly known as ‘Breakfast Tea’. A cup of Assam is a perfect partner during breakfast and as refreshing drink at night. Specialty of this tea is that it mixes well with other types of teas. Buy premium loose lead & CTC Assam tea straight from Indian gardens with few clicks now.

Want to know why one should drink Assam black tea? Let’s find it out its nutritive values and how it keeps the body fit in various ways.

Advantages of Drinking Assam Blends

This beverage is packed with a number of healthy nutrients like antioxidants, caffeine and vitamin B1.

  • It improves blood circulation
  • It reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes
  • It strengthens teeth and fights against cavities
  • It enhances immune system and helps in better food absorption and digestion
  • It lowers all kinds brain functioning disorders
  • It provides body energy and gives it a boost in an extraordinary manner
  • It soothes nervous system giving relief from tension and stress
  • It prevents cell damage and hence, lowers the risk of cancer

Don’t think these are folk tales, these are proven facts. One should choose finest quality Assam organic tea online to enjoy all its essential benefits. Sweet aroma and malty flavor of Assam entices every drinker. The beverage being a strong one can be enjoyed with milk and adding a little bit of sweetener. This also serves great with other blends in masala chai.

So, with a cup of Assam blend, a person can refresh his mood in an outstanding way and, at the same time, contribute to his wellbeing.

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