Wine connoisseurs know the importance of wine racks in keeping wine at its best possible condition. However, the issue of which is the best wine rack from amongst the thousands of possible choices is almost always a matter of personal preference in much the same way as the best wine is also a matter of personal taste, literally.

The best racks for wines will follow a highly personal criteria. Your interior designer, if you have one, can assist in the choosing but, in the end, the choice is yours to make. Here then are a few of the personal criteria to take into consideration.

Number of Wines

It makes perfect sense to purchase the wine rack that can accommodate the approximate number of wines in your collection. Thus, if your wines number in, say, just 5 at the moment and you have no desire to triple it in the near future, then a countertop model is the best rack for your needs.

But if your wine collection is nearing a hundred or so bottles, then a large wall-mounted rack is the most logical choice. Or if you are unsure of the direction your small collection will be taking, we suggest stackable wine racks that allow for new additions.

Materials Used

You have many choices in materials for racks. Wooden racks lend a classic feel to the mini-bar with its warm tones while metal racks add a contemporary touch to an age-old drink. You even have a choice of glass wine racks combined with either metal or wood.

It is worthy to note that none of these materials are considered better over the others. Thus, your best wine rack may be metal but your best friend’s idea is wood. The important thing with wine racks is that the design allows for good air circulation and good angles so that the wine remains in a horizontal position.

Said position keeps the oxygen out of the bottle by always keeping the cork moist. As such, the oxidation process will not happen to the wine, thus, keeping its intended taste.

Also, it is not the materials used in the rack that matters the most. Instead, you have to consider first and foremost the location of the rack, which should be cool and dark with slight humidity. Although the bottles are dark-colored to ward off light damage, it is still advisable for the wines to be stored in darkness so as to develop its complex flavors.

Indeed, even the best racks for wine will be of little value if and when you place it near sunlight and other heat sources as well as in areas with freezing temperatures.

Design Considerations

Last but not least, you should also consider the design qualities of the rack. Since the rack will become part of the d├ęcor in whichever part of the house you choose to place it in, you should ensure that it blends in with the rest of furniture and fixtures.