With the proliferation of unsafe vegetables in the market now a days, you don’t know which is chemical-free from among the displayed food stock – the best solution is to provide your own supply of fresh vegetables right in your own garden.

Besides being safe, you can do what you want with your own produced foods, anytime you need them, they’re always available for your consumption.

In my small garden right besides my home measuring 10 x 15 square meters, I always make it a habit to plant my own vegetables for my home use and sometimes gives to my neighbors if there are surplus for my needs. I makes them happy, because they enjoyed my organic vegetables free and chemical – free too.

All my needs for my daily diet are found in my garden. If I want tomatoes, I just go to my garden, pick some fresh ripe fruits ready for my salad. I have lots of vegetables you could mention, from eggplant, beans, charantia, okra, sweet potato, cassava, yautia, papaya, pepper, cucumbers of different species, and I also planted some herbal plants as companion crops to repel some destructive insects.

As companion herbal plants, I have planted herba buena, lemon grass, spring onion, and you know I also included ubi plant on all sides of the garden.

All these plants go hand in hand together protecting each other, since I don’t use any pesticides to control insect pests. They all grow naturally with the aid of natures abundant protective measures.

Sometimes there are red ants and aphids that attacks my eggplants and beans. I used my homemade insecticides which is a formulation of 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoon of baking soda, and 2 tablespoon of powdered laundry soap. I just spray the mixture directly into the red ants and aphids, and there, they’re all dead.

I always monitor my plants everyday, morning and afternoon, if I see some larva attacking my tomatoes, I just hand pick them crush them to death. Most often larva, aphids and red ants are the most common pests that I noticed in my garden.

This is probably attributed to the presence of some herbal plants I planted as companion crops in my garden. The strong aroma of lemon grass, herba buena and spring onion are manifestation to repel some other destructive insect pests.

These herbal plants are known for their repelling ability to some major insect pests because of their strong aroma.

To have your complete supply of vegetables in your home, you should plant these vegetables I mentioned. Once you starts planting them, you’ll enjoy your daily routine of activities as a part of your exercise and producing your own organic foods.

If you need some assistance how to implement your vegetable garden, I am always available any time to help you. Just visit my site to get lots of tips, free articles and resources about home gardening. I have also some free ebooks given free to all my loyal subscribers, no string attached whatsoever.

Complete your garden with vegetables you need everyday to have a healthy and happy family all your life.

Happy gardening!

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