Telekinesis is a psychic ability, also known as “mind-over-matter” skill. A lot of people think there is only one type of telekinesis, but in reality, there are multiple skills associated with moving things with psychic powers. In this article, I’m going to describe all of these types.

First thing that I’d like to share with you is the issue related to terminology – you see, beside “telekinesis” there’s one more term – Psychokinesis. It’s exactly the same thing, the only difference is that “telekinesis” is an older term that was meant only to represent moving physical objects with your mind. Because of this, other terms become to arise – pyrokinesis, aerokinesis etc. Of course, that did not sound very professional. That is was scientists decided to create the term “psychokinesis” that represent general influence of psychic mind over physical reality.

So, if you will ever find a website that discusses something else than telekinesis or psychokinesis, like pyrokinesis, then you can safely assume that it’s not very legitimate. Anyway, now that you know it, I can move to discussing different psychokinesis types.

Spoon Bending

The most popular psychokinetic ability is spoon bending – or fork bending, depends on what you’re about to bend. I distinct this in the article only because it’s probably the most famous psychokinetic skill. In reality, it’s just another use of Macro-Psychokinesis. The most famous spoon bender was Uri Geller. Although let’s admit – it was proven that his skills were nothing more than cheap stage trick. But there are many people who can bend spoons with telekinesis and it’s not very difficult skill to learn.

Everyone willing to learn it can find how-to articles in the Web, or even look around your nearest area in order to find spoon bending workshops.

Macro Psychokinesis

Macro Psychokinesis is a skill that influence physical reality in visible way. It’s all about moving objects, or controlling smoke or fire so everyone can see it with naked eye. That “macro” word is everything you need to understand this type of psychokinesis – it’s about moving big things, or moving things in visible way.

Micro Psychokinesis

Finally there’s Micro Psychokinesis. It’s a form of psychokinesis that deals with influencing random events – for example, outcome of a dice or playing cards. That’s something you can’t see with your eyes, but can be discovered with proper math.

And that’s it – there’s nothing more to add. Every other psychokinetic skill is just a variation of these two main groups – micro and macro psychokinesis.