It is rightly quoted as “No water, no life. No blue, no green”. Water is the most essential and vital requirement of our life. We can’t imagine our being without this life-giving fluid i.e. water. The most interesting fact to note is that even 75 percent of the whole body comprises water only. The proper functioning and regulation of the body mechanisms are dependent on the quality of water that we consume. The drinking water which we intake must be fit and pure for consumption else it can lead to numerous health-related problems. Generally, in this extremely hectic schedule of our life, we forget taking care of the small yet very pivotal part of our life. There are the following necessary areas which all of us must know being a responsible individual.
• First of all, for the prevention of various waterborne disease, intake of purified water is a must. There are many pathogens and illness-causing microorganisms present in the tap water which must be filtered before consumption in order to safeguard ourselves from becoming a victim of such diseases.
• It is indeed necessary to use a purifier in order to eliminate the chlorine content from the tap water. It also removes the harmful chemicals, dirt and slit, other contaminants and makes the water fit and pure for drinking.
• Drinking healthy water will not only keep us rid of diseases but also boast up our metabolism. It helps in maintenance of the body weight and keeps our mind fresh and active. It is like an energy driving force which keeps us alive both physically and mentally.
• Proper water intake helps in the removal of wastes from the body and reduces the stress of the kidney. It helps in the vital functioning of the brain and makes us feel relaxed and tension free.
• The flushing out of the toxins and oxidants from the will help in adding a natural glow and lustre to the skin. It makes the skin look more radiant and fresh for a long run. In fact, it helps in prevention of hair loss as well.
• Apart from this, drinking healthy water in adequate amounts help in the balancing the pH level of the body, thus, it keeps the lethargy away and makes us more pro and active.
Therefore, we must conclude that water is like the elixir in our life which is a certain cure for a lot of general problems which we envisage because of the lack of care and awareness. We must note it as a crucial bookmark in our dairy of life that the mantra of being healthy and fit throughout the life is in the consumption of pure filtered water. Our fitness is in our hands and it is indeed our choice and decision of choosing the path which takes us towards a healthy living style. So, we must be alarmed and select the best out of the rest. Stay healthy, stay fit!