Have you ever wondered why sometimes everything in your life and/or your business flows just right? But then there are the other times when the right people or clients just aren’t showing up at your door. Why does this happen? Is it just “good” or “bad” luck? Is the bad economy to blame? No. There is no such thing as “luck.” We all create our own luck. We all create our own experience. It’s all because of energy flow. What you attract into your life depends on your positive and negative vibrations.

It is no secret that we are all energy. Everything is energy. You, me, the pen laying on my desk right now. It’s all energy. And it’s all vibrating at a different rate. The Law of Attraction states, in a nutshell, like attracts like. In other words, we are like a walking magnet that draws to us anyone or anything that is on the same wavelength. If you’re radiating positive energy, you attract positive people and experiences. If you’re radiating negative energy, you attract negativity. Just as a tuning fork will attract another tuning fork of the same vibration, you are attracting people and things that are like you.

As early as the 1930s, there were scientists who photographed people’s thoughts, and they found that positive thoughts with happy emotions behind them generated high vibrations, along with a very clear picture. On the contrary, the negative thoughts and emotions produced a very low, dull picture. Thus, the conclusion is that whatever kind of thought and emotion you put into something is what you get back. Plain and simple.

For example, when most people are low on money, they focus on it, they worry about it, they stress about it, they agonize over it. While they think they are helping the situation by figuring a way out of their mess, what they are really doing is making things worse. The mere fact that they are thinking about it gives negative energy to the situation. So what happens then? The more you focus on it, the more you get. The less money you have, the less money you have. It becomes a big downward spiral.

Let’s take romantic relationships as another example. I’m sure all of you can relate to the infatuation/newly-in-love phase of a relationship. Do you remember what that feels like? Wasn’t it the best? Who wouldn’t want that to last forever? Most people have an exciting feeling in their stomach and feel like they are walking on air! Why do we feel like that during that phase? Well, it’s because of how we’re vibrating. When we feel “up” and joyous and euphoric and as if we could conquer the world, our vibrational energy is extremely positive. That’s why we feel so good!!! On the other hand, when you dwell on your partner’s annoying, dorky habits, or you are breaking up, you probably have a yucky, “I feel like throwing up” kind of feeling. And that’s because your vibrational levels are low. This is a real phenomenon. There is a real physical difference in how your body feels when you are radiating positive or negative energy. It’s simply a law of physics.

Relationships are notorious for messing up your positive energy. When we exit the infatuation stage, we lose that euphoric feeling. Our energy level drops, and so does our partner’s. With both people’s vibrational levels dropping, it’s no wonder that awesome feeling goes away. And the sad part about it is, it’s almost as if it becomes a nasty downward spiral from there. Now don’t get me wrong; I am not implying that all relationships are doomed to negativity or that most people aren’t at least generally happy. But the energy flow between the two people is vitally important. When your partner does something nice for you, don’t you feel better about them? Don’t you feel happier? And when you feel happier, I’m sure they feel happier. Thus, the cycle continues. People feed off each other’s energy. Whey you go up, they go up (or vice versa). When you go down, they go down. Unfortunately, many partners spiral downward never to find their way up again. But there are ways. You just have to become conscious of your energy flow and make a concentrated effort to keep your energy positive. Appreciate your partner. Do nice things for them. That will send your cycle back upwards.

So how do we harness our ability to use energy flow to our advantage in all areas of our lives? Well, there are basically four steps. First, identify what you don’t want. Most people are really good at that one. It’s pretty easy to say “I don’t want this crappy job/marriage/car/co-worker anymore.” Second, identify what you do want. That’s not nearly as easy. So, what you need to do is take your “don’t wants” and turn them into “wants.” Use your “don’t wants” as contrast. For example, if you say “I don’t want a job where I have to work 10 hours a day and make less that $50,000,” then you can say “I do want a job where I have flexible hours and make more than $50,000.” Next, you need to use some visualization skills. Imagine yourself with your “wants” and feel and see yourself having it!! Feel the emotions that come with your wants. Remember, highly charged positive emotions help magnetize your wants. Finally, allow the “want” to come into your life. And yes, that sounds easy too. But this is the most difficult part. If you think that there’s no way you’re going of find a job that fits your “want” description, then it won’t come. You need to examine and overcome any doubt you have related to your “wants.”

While this may seem like a pretty “out there” concept to most people, it’s really just a basic law of the universe. There’s nothing mysterious about it. It’s just as natural as the Law of Gravity or the Law of Cause and Effect. It’s a law that simply exists. You can’t get away from it. Whether you know it or not, you are already experiencing the Law of Attraction. The only difference is that most people don’t know they are. We just need to learn to harness the ability to use the energy flow to our advantage.

After you start using these strategies, you will feel like you have found the key to the universe! Things start happening. People show up at your door. Your “wants” come into existence. It’s a great game! It’s a great challenge! So get your positive energy flowing, pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and then you will ultimately have the life you desire.

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