Led by Executive Chef Justin Stadler, known to Chicago from The Southern, White Oak Tavern and Regards To Edith, Lincoln Park’s much needed oasis, ‘Drawl Southern Cookhouse And Whiskey Room’, located at 2423 N Clark Street, at the corner of Fullerton, can be described as “chic new American with a southern accent.” Taking full advantage of one of the last remaining built-in wood-fire ovens in the city, chef Justin’s menu of small plates, entrees and sides, center around locally sourced ingredients, wood-fired cooking, smoked meats, and daily fresh fish. His refreshingly sophisticated take on southern cuisine sets it above the rest. “We’re not your typical fried chicken and barbecue joint,” Chef Stadler says. Short Ribs, Fried Chicken, Brisket Flat Bread, She Crab Soup, Home Made Beef Jerky, and Fried Pickled Okra are few of his offerings. Additionally if you are a fan of hot and spicy deliciousness, make sure to try the Nashville hot wings. They are scorchingly hot, and satisfying. But I have to say that the char burger was my favorite item on the menu. The flavors were on point. It probably was the best burger I’ve ever eaten. The smokiness, the traditional Duke’s mayo, and the home made smokey ketchup were dancing in my mouth. I washed it down with a miller high life, because I’m a classy guy.

Mixology and cocktails are no strangers at Drawl. The plentiful choice of drinks at the bar are to appeal to everyone’s taste. My favorite is Pasadena, a cocktail made with jalapeƱo infused vodka, and orange aperol.

There’s an abundance of whiskey selection in the private ‘Whiskey Room At Drawl’ that set in a cozy southern barrel room style. This will surely keep the whiskey connoisseurs giddy. The look of a burnt wood, and the feel of a quiet barrel room combined with the rich hues of blues and reds make this bourbon-filled, dog picture-adorned private whiskey nook a paradise for whiskey connoisseurs everywhere. Make sure to ask for a whiskey lesson from the house ‘whiskey sommelier.’

You can secure your reservation for the main dining room or the flower garden sidewalk patio, Tuesday through Sunday, at DrawlChicago.com. Otherwise you’d have the “sad, sad” destiny of any Chicago foodie, sitting at their gorgous Charleston style bar, sipping on a Drawl Manhattan, chatting with affable Elliott, or Whiskey guru Alette while your table frees up. Ah, we feel bad for you! Poor baby. Enjoy.