Strict fat loss plans out there can be very difficult to stick to due to the fact that you are deprived all the foods you loved and in a lot of diet’s being deprived your favourite fruits. Fruits do contain sugars which can delay your fat loss goals but its not always as simple as cutting fruit out completely.

Low GI fruits for weight loss can still be an addition of your healthy eating plan and by examining which fruits have the least affect on your blood sugar and insulin levels you can enjoy the fruit you love and loose weight at the same time.

Glycemic index weight loss is a very important consideration when choosing the types of foods you will be eating. For example, plain white bread has a very high glycemic index and will cause an almost immediate insulin release.

Low glycemic index foods will leave you feeling fuller for longer as well as give your body a steady supply of nutrients without giving you that sugar crash feeling.

The low GI fruits list include

Cherries 22

Plums 24

Grapefruit 25

Peaches 28

Apples 34

Pears 41

Dried Apricots 32

Grapes 43

Coconut 45

Kiwi Fruit 47

Oranges 40

Strawberries 40

Prunes 29

Some of these fruits still contain quite high levels of natural fruit sugar (fructose) so when timing the consumption of fruits always aim to have them before 6pm, and having fresh strawberries and peaches for breakfast with your cereal is a great way to start the day for an added energy boost and slow energy release while staying healthy. Nothing worse than eating dry bran flakes for breakfast.

For more easy tips to help you with your fat loss battle visit the weight loss instructor to check out easy recipes and simple ways to stay on track.