There is a fierce competition between different providers of noni juice. Of course there’s the usual boasting that their noni juice is more pure, or better tasting, or more beneficial. But the real competition lies between the locales of noni juice origination. Is Tahitian noni juice better than Hawaiian noni juice? Or is there no difference?

I think you’ll be glad to know that noni juice is noni juice no matter where the noni fruit originates. Noni fruit is grown in tropical climates so Hawaii, Tahiti and the rest of the Polynesian islands are all great places for noni fruit and noni juice. There is a difference between quality and purity of noni juice made by different producers, however.

Hawaiian noni juice is produced from noni fruit trees brought to Hawaii by Hawai’I Loa. It was one of twenty seven species of plants that he thought was vital for their new life in the Hawaiian Islands. The amount of sun and rain on the islands are just perfect for the noni tree. Hawaiian noni juice is made from these noni fruits ripened naturally and in an open natural environment. A lot of noni juice producers even harvest the fruits by hand.

The best Hawaiian noni juice is made from the pulp of the noni fruit, not the bark of the tree, fallen fruit, leaves or seeds. Now I am warning you that pure noni juice smells absolutely horrible and tastes even worse. It is perfectly fine to mix it with fruit juices so that it is actually palatable. You can even buy Hawaiian noni juice already mixed with different fruit juices.