Holy water is plain water that is blessed by someone with the authority to do so. I am not qualified to sanctify water and call it holy. It requires a formal ritual that must be followed; and in the Catholic church, for example, it is performed by a priest, or a higher authority, such as a bishop or an archbishop. I promote holy water freely and openly with family and friends as a healing agent; and I have tested its power to heal and to cure pain over the past few years with amazing results. Do people in general believe that this water has any form of healing power? Of course not, but I feel that it is due mainly to the lack of information and experience in its use.

In previous articles, I said that holy water is traditionally used for blessing ceremonies. To date, I have yet to hear or be informed by anyone that this water can be used to heal injuries, and to cure pain. But I have found it to do exactly that, and I want to say, with incredible success. I am not a child to be making this up. I am 65 years-old, and I maintain a very active life: physically, professionally and spiritually.

Allow me to clarify that the healing power of holy water that I speak about so often is bestowed upon it by God, and certainly not by man. However, it is our birthright to ask God to give us the inspiration to promote blessed water to anyone looking for relief of constant acute pain, or perhaps are having difficulty sleeping well at night. Why not allow the blessed water to do its work? I believe that to be a far safer solution, than to form a habit of taking strong pain killers and a variety of sleeping pills.

I came across the “healing power” of holy water totally by accident. Five years ago I tried it out on a torn ligament in my right hand. The pain was unbearable, and with x-rays taken the thumb was found to be dislocated. The cost for surgery to repair the damage was beyond my financial capacity. So I took the next best alternative (as advised by my older sister), and I dipped my entire hand in holy water for a period of three weeks, once a day. The hand healed within a month, and my thumb has been fully functional since. With the holy water treatment I avoided surgical intervention, and didn’t bother to purchase the pain medicine that my doctor prescribed.

People have asked me if blessed water can relieve rheumatic pain, and I say, yes it can! I have concluded through experimentation that holy water can and does miraculous things to those who apply it. The results with me have always been more than favorable. Just the other day my left shoulder was aching severely with pain from exercise. I took holy water that I keep in a bottle in my desk, and I rubbed it generously over my shoulder. The pain went away, like magic, in just a few minutes after the water made contact with my skin. And allow me to add, I got relief for the rest of the day, and better still, the pain didn’t return to haunt me the next day either.

A friend of mine who owns a high-end bike shop had a terrible road biking accident a few years back, and today the pain on his shoulder is unbearable. I took my mountain bike over for a tune-up this weekend, and I offered to take a bottle of holy water to him. Will the water work to relieve his pain? Yes it will because it works for me every time, and all that the recipient has to do is follow my instructions.

I have found that the firm belief of the giver in the healing power of blessed water is what counts most, and not so much on that of the recipient. So I am saying to you, if you give a vial of holy water to anyone for their use, it will be your faith (or mine, if I send you the vial) in the healing power of this element that will carry forward to the other person. I will give you some ideas on possible uses of holy water for yourself, family members, friends and new people that you will meet in your journey through life. These methods have served me well over the years, and I hope the same for you.

1) Sore, tired, and red eyes – with your fingers place the water over the eyelids top and bottom on both eyes. Avoid getting the water inside the eyes for it could irritate them. Once or twice a day is fine, or as many times as you wish.

2) Pain anywhere in the body – rub the water gently over the areas with your hand. Try with your ‘heart and soul’ to feel the pain go away as the holy water comes into contact with your skin. Remember these words, “As thy faith is, so be it unto you!”

3) Headaches: migraine, sinus, stress, etc. – touch the temples, your forehead and your nose with your fingers wet with the water. Take your time, and try to feel the relief coming on almost immediately. It works for me every time, and the same with my eyes, sore joints and muscles.

4) With family members that live at home, place the water on their forehead once in a while. Members that live in other locations, bless them by placing holy water on their photos. It is a form of requesting God to protect them from evil, accidents and disease.

5) Sleeping problems – I exercise a lot, and sleeping soundly is not an issue with me. I would recommend, if this is not your case, that instead of taking a sleeping pill to solve the problem, place holy water with your fingers over your forehead and gently spread it. Let go of everything that might be holding you up, and feel the body relax. You may also want to say these words, “Thank you Lord for your help.”

6) Cancer patients – use the water over the areas that are cancerous to relieve the pain. You have nothing to lose by trying the ‘holy water treatment’ as I call it. Regardless of your religion of birth, it is the same God for all of us, and it is His water that you are using and not mine. I will make it available for you, if you don’t have a way to acquire it from a church nearby wherever you live.

If you know of a friend that is going through chemo and radiation treatments at the present time, please ask them if you can sprinkle holy water on their head and on the areas where the cancer is concentrated. Not a lot, but a few drops is sufficient, and preferably on a daily basis. Just make sure that the patient is amenable to the idea of this procedure. Should they object for any reason at all, please desist and don’t insist.

If you ask me for a vial of holy water, I will get it from my church, and I will send it to you anywhere in the world. Please make your request through my email address. It will be my courtesy to send a small bottle filled with the blessed water at my expense. I ask nothing of you, just your blessings and your prompt healing, or that of your loved ones or friends. Fair enough?