Water is the elixir of life. It is the purifier like fire. Life started from water and it goes on even now since water is omnipresent. Man gets frantic at the very thought of the scarcity of water and he thinks of crossing the outer space in search of this universal sustainer of life.

The powers of water are amazing. As studies conducted in Japan by Prof. Masaru Imoto have shown water can write and read. Water can recall and remember. In almost every religion, water after being chanted upon it, is used as healer. This points out the fact that our forefathers have realized the spell of water.

Water when crystallized gives different shapes and it is wonderful that no crystal in the world is alike. According to the words whispered upon it, crystals assume shapes. If the words are beautiful, the shapes are also beautiful. If the words are ugly, the shapes also become ugly. Yes, water can hear and respond to the things around it.

Among the inhabitants of Kerala coast there is a myth related to the sea which is represented as mother. The words ‘sea-mother a thief ‘or ‘sea-mother fails ‘when written on the shores are excitedly erased by the roaring sea waves. Even a child at the Kerala coast tests the veracity of this mythical conception.

A day without water is impossible for man. Hence to get the maximum benefits of water one drinks, there are so many dos and don’ts to be borne in mind.

Don’t drink chlorinated water since no crystal is formed out of chlorinated water. Remember that crystals form only out of pure water.

Drink water only when your mind is peaceful and calm because the slightest emotional disturbance poisons water.

Be careful about the water which you are going to drink whether it is exposed to peaceful environment.

The water you drink should be kept away from electronic devices hence it impairs the natural quality of water.

Drink adequate amount of water so that your memory can be improved.

Purify the water keeping in earthen pots since clay can absorb the impurities.

In conclusion, it is up to us, whether we should take in the water which is fully pure and ‘beautiful’ to sustain our life with health and freshness.