Growing an organic vegetable garden is a healthy practice which is also beneficial to nature. But, what if you don’t have a space in your backyard to grow a garden? Will you still be able to grow veggies and fruits and enjoy a fresh salad? Yes, you definitely can! The secret is to grow organic vegetables in pots. As long as you can expose it at least eight hours a day to sun, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t grow your own organic vegetables!

The first step is having the knowledge of what you will need. This would include pots, organic seeds, organic potting soil and lastly, organic compost to keep your plants healthy and alive. Once you have all these, you can start growing your own organic vegetables in pots!

Next is choosing what pots you’ll use. The best choices for an organic vegetable garden would be clay, wood or recycled containers. You should take note as well of the drainage. Your pots should have good drainage that way your plants won’t drown. The size of your pots depends on the size of the organic vegetables you plan to grow. You can choose from a number of options, it’s all up to you.

After that, plant your organic potting soil and mix it up with your organic compost. You can pick these at garden centers. Mixing soil with compost will provide proper nourishment for your vegetables. You can mix two parts soil to one part compost.

To help your water drain properly and to prevent root rot, you should pour a layer of gravel, rocks or marbles at the bottom of each pot. Doing this ensures as well that the soil won’t drain out the pot hole along with water.

The next step is to plant your seeds by following the instructions in the organic seed package. There are different requirements for the depths of planting and spacing for organic vegetables. Just follow the directions in the packaging and you won’t get lost.

After you’ve planted your vegetables, make sure you keep the soil moist by spraying it with a bottle mister. Don’t pour water on top of the soil initially since doing this will disturb the seeds and seedlings. You can water your plants using a watering can once the roots are well-established.

Lastly, watch your plants grow. Enjoy the experience of tending after your pot garden. Once your crops mature, you can harvest and enjoy them in your dinner table.

There are many ways for people with green thumb to enjoy gardening. They can now enjoy fresh vegetables inside the comforts of their homes for free. Growing an organic vegetable garden is really easy. Just follow these tips and the ones you’ll find at and it will be a blooming success!