I never expected to lose that much in such a short time. It was crazy unexpected so I decided to have myself checked to make sure that everything is okay. And I’m glad to be A-Ok.

The doctor said that it’s not very ideal to lose that much in such a short time but what I did, in general, was healthy. She just added that I shouldn’t be eating fruits as my main meal but only as an appetizer, dessert or snacks.

Just to give you an idea on what I did, see below. Just take note of what the doctor said about the fruits. And also note that I coupled this diet with my regular yoga session. And buy a weighing scale so you get to monitor your progress (or regress!) on a daily basis!

Good luck!

First week:

I lost 10lbs on my first week. I didn’t follow any diet plan but I just avoided a lot of things:

1. Soft drinks / iced tea
2. Snacks (huge sacrifice since I’m a big snack eater)
3. Sweets! cakes, candies, gums, ice cream, desserts…
4. Cut down my rice intake
5. Cut down on my meat intake

But I ate the following:

  • Fruits! I never realized that they taste so good! I love pomelo the most!
  • Vegetables! Veggies all you want!
  • Water water water… I love water in all its glory
  • Corn! My reward!

Second week:

I lost another 10lbs. And this was the week that I realized that I was no longer a size XL or waist 38! But I had to stick to my available clothes since I felt that I’d be losing more in the next few weeks and it would be a waste to go on a shopping spree.

This time, I had a diet plan and I tried the General Motors diet (suggested by a colleague).

Read from the internet that General Motors Company (GM) prepared this diet plan for their employees to promote healthy living. But some said that this was GM’s way of cutting down on their health insurance… you won’t need one if you are healthy, right?

For whatever reason it was designed for, I decided to use it. If something promises you 10 to 17 lbs of weight loss in a weeks’ time, would you refuse it? Not me!

Here it is….

I didn’t drink alcohol for this week and I gulped a lot of water!

Day One – All fruits except bananas.
Day Two – All vegetables but I started my day with mashed potato (minus the gravy from KFC).
Day Three – A mixture of fruits and vegetables. No banana and potato.
Day Four – 8 Bananas and 3 glasses of milk (non-fat). I combined this with Knorr Chicken Soup during lunch.
Day Five – I ate beef and tomatoes! And increased my water intake.
Day Six – Beef and vegetables.
Day Seven – Brown rice and vegetables. Plus mango juice from Fruitas.

Third to Eight weeks:

Losing weight became slow for the succeeding weeks. I was mostly losing 1lb per day. There were even times that I didn’t lose anything at all. But in the next 6 weeks, I lost a total of 20lbs.

To be honest, I struggled with the GM diet. Thinking about it now, I was very amazed on how in the earth I did it. So I decided to go back to my first week’s diet plan but replaced my white rice with either brown or red rice. Also, I continued to avoid the list I mentioned above. And, yes, corn resurfaced in my daily reward.

All-in-all, I lost a total of 40lbs in 75 days! And from XL, I am now mostly a Medium (sometimes L) and from size 38, I am mostly size 34 (or 33).

And I look different! Some people say I look different bad but others say I look different good. It’s okay. It’s their opinion. The most important for me, I think I look different good. And I feel different good. I don’t get tired easily and I can play 3 sets of badminton without stopping. Woot woot!

I think the most important lesson here is discipline and determination. Discipline will keep you focused and determination will be your fuel to reach that objective.

Get fit and stay healthy!

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