The Canadian government has made it mandatory that all provinces convert to 1 tax the HST.

This change is actually good news or should be to business owners with cash register or POS systems because almost all cash registers and all POS systems made since the 1980`s have at least 1 tax. Meaning that no businesses should need to buy new equipment because of the change to the HST. Unfortunately many businesses will need help to change their POS systems to the HST. Which usually means a technician will have to assist with the change normally a service call.

The HST is on most but not all products sold and some have HST on single items but not on 6 or more such as donuts. Please refer to 1st link below for complete details.

Now the main thing businesses need to decide on is to setup their POS system or cash register as add on or VAT value added tax. For example the add on type tax takes the input or preset price lets say $5.00 and adds the tax to that total (if HST= 12%) = $5.60 total with tax. This is the way all cash registers and POS systems do add on tax. Now with a VAT tax the same input or preset $5.00 = $5.00 total with tax. The difference is shown on the receipt the add on shows $5.00 +.60 HST and the VAT shows $4.46 +.54 HST on the receipt. Basically with the VAT tax the cash register or POS calculates the price before tax and shows both on the receipt. The VAT tax is generally used most by fast food restaurants and stores with price boards or menus that do not say on them: HST will be added. Some businesses also use the VAT to eliminate tendering of pennies or nickels or dimes such as bars and pubs. Not all cash register or POS systems have VAT tax refer to your manual or local dealer. BC interior businesses with SHARP, UNIWELL / SANYO or Flashpoint cash registers or POS systems can call Norstar POS 250 554-5051 for more information.