The Green Life Juicer is a top of the line twin gear system fruit and vegetable juicer. This device will squeeze the juice out of virtually anything that isn’t dehydrated. One unfortunate fact when dealing with fruit and vegetable juices, however, is the tendency of many juices to leave stains on everything they touch, including the Green Life Juicer. Let’s take a look at how to remove stains from your Green Life Juicer.

The easiest method of removing stains from the Green Life Juicer is to dismantle and clean each part immediately after juicing. This will remove the stain causing agents in the machine while they are still wet and before the stains set into the material of the juicer. As your grandmother may have said when you were little, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

One solution that has been used with some success for removing stains from the Green Life Juicer after they have dried is a fifty-fifty mix of vinegar and water. The acid in the vinegar is usually enough to remove most stain causing substances. This mixture will also clean the entire unit and make it ready to use again without leaving behind any harmful residues. Soaking the parts overnight in this solution of vinegar and water may be needed for deep staining and pulp removal.

Worse stains may require, or the owner of the juicer may prefer to use a commercial cleaning solution on the Green Life Juicer. If this is the case, it is strongly recommended that the machine be disassembled and the parts placed to soak overnight in a solution containing Oxy Clean or a similar cleaner that uses oxidation to remove the offending substances with a minimum of need to scrub. Oxy Clean also breaks down into completely harmless component parts so a simple rinse is all that is needed to have the parts ready to reassemble and use without fear of contaminating the juices that are made next.

People are discovering the joys of juicing more and more. The Green Life Juicer is one of many models that are available. This one uses a twin gear to produce the juice, making it ideal for virtually any type of juice one wants to extract. Many of these juices, especially those from green, leafy vegetables, leave stains that must be removed. Immediate cleaning after use, a solution of vinegar and water, or an oxidizing cleaner such as Oxy Clean are the three recommended methods for removing stains from the Green Life Juicer.

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