Javelin throw is a popular summer Olympics event. It is a track and field game which is a participating event in men decathlon and women heptathlon too. Javelin throw as an act, looks quite simple but actually, there is a typical technique involved in while making the throw. The right technique of throwing a javelin is extremely necessary, failing which can lead to a tactless throw. Here are the three basic elements involved in javelin throw and the way they should be inculcated while making the throw.

Accurate Hold
Gripping the javelin in the correct manner is an important aspect which should be thoroughly taken care of. Make sure that you grip the javelin and maintain the javelin weight securely and comfortably with the palm turned upwards for the grip. Basically, there are three different styles of holding the javelin cord, namely-


American style of gripping refers to the gripping of cord between the thumb and index finger. Finnish style involves the holding of the cord between the thumb and the middle finger while in Fork style, the cord is held in between the index and middle finger.

Well Poised Run
The javelin throwers are allowed to run on a short strip to build up speed and force to throw the javelin at a greater pace. The thrower needs to hold the javelin horizontally with elbow well above the shoulder. One should begin the run with the non-dominant foot i.e. a right handed thrower should start the run with the left foot and vice-versa. The thrower needs to balance as well as control the javelin weight while gaining speed in the run. Make sure that you are well accustomed to the length of the track by practicing on it first without javelin and eventually with it.

Focused Throw
The most important aspect in a javelin throw is the setup and the throw itself. At the release point, the javelin is thrown over the foot which is not dominant. The throwing hand has to be as high as possible precisely at release point. Constant practice and focus is but obviously required.