“The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson is not a long book but the information contained in its 163 pages is powerful. Using stories like the choice of a million dollars cash or a penny doubled for 30 days and the story of the water hyacinth, Jeff points out the very simple truth….if you discipline yourself to take daily action steps toward your goal, you will be setting yourself up with no other choice than success.

The author does point out that it is every person’s choice whether he/she is successful or not. That choice is made hundreds of times each day evidenced in the actions that a person takes when presented with certain life choices. Do you eat a donut or oatmeal for breakfast? Do you play a computer game or read a few pages of an intellectual book? Do you choose to look for what your spouse is doing wrong or the many things that he/she does wonderfully right? You determine your own destiny by the choices you make because your choices will either push your toward your goal or push you farther from it.

The flow of the book is very conversational and is punctuated with limited graphs and charts to further emphasize a point the author is trying to make. There are self-evaluation tests scattered throughout the book so you can see whether your slight edge is on the up curve or going down. I would recommend this book for anyone who is looking for practical advice on how to be successful in anything life might have to offer.

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