Whether you presently do, or have ever served in a position of leadership, or belong to nearly – any type of organization, you have probably witnessed/ observed certain so – called leaders, who proceed in a myopic manner, failing to consider the longer – term ramifications involved! Robert Frost, famously wrote, about the fork in the road, and the path taken and/ or pursued. Obviously, while one course of action, might appear easier and/ or less risky (whatever that means), it does not necessarily mean, it’s the best way to proceed. Even well – intentioned individuals, often, do what seems easiest, and/ or less confrontational! However, if one wishes to be, a true leader, he must fully evaluate several aspects, etc, and maintain an open – mind, fully considering options and alternatives, rather than merely going through the motions, etc.

1. The options/ choices: Will you decide to be a true leader, or become another one, who blindly follows – the – pack? There is no such thing as one – size – fits – all, when it comes to leadership, but many focus on proceeding, with limited vision, in order to do little more, than maintaining the status quo! When one assumes a position, he must make up his mind, in order to pursue the best course. Never assume you know – it – all, nor, you have all the answers! Surround yourself with a team (or inner circle), that strengthens you, in areas of weakness, and is ready, willing and able, to disagree with you. The last thing, any real leader needs, is to be surrounded, simply, by yes – men!

2. Making decisions: Evaluate your options, and what’s best for the organization you serve, and constituents, you represent! What is your decision – making process? Will you revert to procrastination, when decisiveness, and timely action, are needed and necessary? Are you willing to become a true leader, or will you be satisfied, being a space – holder? How will you proceed in a timely manner, while also proceeding in a well – considered one?

3. Your conscience, focus, and priorities: What does leading mean to you? Is your focus based on needs, concerns and priorities, or, rather on self – interest, politics, or short – term popularity? Are you willing to do the right thing, consistently, even if it’s not either the easiest, most expedient or popular? Will you take the time, to consider the ramifications, and prepare contingency plans, to proceed most effectively?

Like most things in life, this is about, your choices, and the paths, you opt to take! How will you proceed?