I cant call myself an expert on Mazzppa, but I’ve had success there long ago.

Mazeppa is a strange place……it can be RED HOT or stone dead….like many places in the Kei.

The nice thing is there are only really three spots to concentrate on and one of them will be fishable in almost any conditions or wind.

To the left (North) of the cottages is Shark Point. A brilliant spot where you can get Garrick as well as huge Sharks. It is not an easy spot to land large sharks (no spot at mazeppa is really). When fishing here don’t overlook putting a chokka bait in the white water right next to the point for a cob!!

Directly in front of the cottages is the island. This place can boil with garrick and the best spot is about 3/4 up the left hand side where the waves hit the shelf and cause a band of white water. For sharks you can fish off the left hand side or straight off the front. When the sea is relatively calm straight off the front is probabbly best and it is one of the easiest places to land large sharks at Mazeppa.

You can cover a lot of water and position yourself favourably, irrespective of the prevailing wind. Many a Leervis / Garrick have been caught off the island,especially on live shad. Leeries/Garrick have also been caught aplenty on plug and spoon from the island,mostly off the northern side. Look for working white water close to the rocks, but, and sometimes it is critical, try and position yourself so that you can just about cast over the working white water, somehow if the Garrick starts chasing the spoon (sometimes without you even realising it) in the blue water and follow it into the more turbulent white, they are a lot less shy to take it, must feel safe under cover of foam-water. If shad are biting abunduntly and suddenly stop, it might just be the time to start throwing plug or spoon. TRITON-chisselnose in your chosen weight comes highly recommended, sometimes even an ouce or two below what you would really like to cast i.e 2.5 or 3 ounce max(size matters)

Dont underestimate how close to the rocks these critters will actually take a plug,a mate of mine has actually seen them get “stranded” on the rocks in their frenzy to chase aforementioned plugs.

To the south of the cottages is the Boiling Pot. Another amazing spot where you can expect almost anything in the ocean to rock up. Smaller sharks can be landed in the boiling pot itself but larger sharks need to be worked to the beach………MUCH easier said than done!! This spot is also very good for cob and other edibles. Firstly I would invest in a 30 meter piece of rope. I think the name is rather self-explanatory,just in case you have to tie it to a chiller and throw it out to one of your party in the drink.
Albeit dangerous it is very productive for kob / cape salmon at night and early mornings.

As the beach starts south of the boiling pot is the 1st river….this is not really worth fishing unless you want to drop shot for moonies etc!!

If the sea is not being productive and you have a bakkie with diff lock or pref 4X4 you can drive out of Mazeppa and about 5kays out you will see a dirt road heading to the left. If you take this and follow it through the huts you will come to a trading store sort of thing and from there you will see a track heading down to the second river.

This is a little hidden gem and I beg you to please release all fish caught. It is a tiny river but there are really nice cob to be taken. If you get some live mullet you go the the spot where there is a cliff opposite you…you can’t miss it. You basically bounce your mullet off the cliff and it is in the deepest part of the river…(it is very narrow here). You can catch loads of cob this way (3-8kilos)…
You can also have a great time with dropshot and rapalas. But please release your catch……I have seen guys slaughter the fish here and it is just WRONG in such a tiny river!!”

Now that you are all charged up, bear in mind like everywhere else, be very cautious of children on the rocks, watch your back at all times, and do go and enjoy the fresh seafood late afternoon platters they serve at the hotel.