With growing concern over water quality, there is the debate still going on about minerals in water. From a health standpoint, there can be some benefit, depending on the minerals involved. There are those who state the minerals removed when filtering and distilling water need to be there for your health. These are the groups who recommend a mineral revitalization water purification system. This simply means the water is filtered, and when the minerals are removed they are replaced with something better. That is the claim of the makers of the units Mineral water does have the benefit of replacing electrolytes and so would be a better substitute for sports drinks, since there are no added sugars, colors and flavors. There are also many other claimed health benefits of mineral water, mostly made by the companies that sell the bottled water. None have been substantiated by any health organization to date. The trace amount of minerals in water, once removed by filtering, can be replaced easily by the foods we eat.

When looking over the options for filtering your home’s water, these mineral revitalization water purification systems can be less expensive. They use what is called ion exchange, which is supposed to be more advance, but costs less to manufacture. The effect is the water in your home will be closer to that in nature, minus pollution. While the health benefits may be called into question, it would certainly be better for your hair and skin to shower in this type of water as opposed to chlorinated. The actual benefits that can be shown from using these systems would be in the cleaner water, or what is not in it instead of what is.

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