The Rogar Lever Wine Opener is one of the most impressive functional wine openers you could own. If you want a wine accessory that is more than just a good opener, or are looking for a special gift for a wine lover, (even if it is you), then the table or bar top Rogar wine bottle opener is one you should consider

The Rogar story:

Rogar is an American company that hand assembles its Rogar lever openers in the state of Virginia. The concept of the Rogar wine opener is based on the “Champion Cork Removal” system patented in 1897. Their wine openers duplicate the design and mechanical concept of the Champion system, but they do it with modern materials and 21st century technology.

The Rogar Lever Wine Opener:

Rogar’s openers work on a very simple concept – pull a lever to uncork your wine, and push a lever to re-cork your wine. So simple. No messing with the wine bottle foil and trying to get a twist-corkscrew centered on the wine bottle cork. No struggling with turning the corkscrew through the cork, and then using brute force to pull it out of the bottle. The Rogar does all this with simple lever action.

To use the Rogar wine bottle opener you simply place the wine bottle neck in the bottom of the opener and squeeze the grip handles. You don’t even have to remove the foil or wax button. Pull the opener’s lever toward you and it will impale the cork and extract it, (along with the foil top), in one smooth motion. You are done. Pour and enjoy. To re-cork the bottle, (or remove the cork from the opener), just push the lever back to the starting position.

That is how it works, but it is only a small part of why you should buy a Rogar lever wine opener. There are a lot of good lever wine openers on the market. From the outside-in here are the features that make theses openers the top choice for serious Oenophiles, (wine lovers).


Its beautiful artistic design is a duplicate of the original patented model with grapevines and leaves and clusters of grapes sculpted on the outside. The lever handle and wine opener stand base are matching wood, granite, or marble. The Estate model is finished in a rich antique bronze with an Evergreen granite base and matching lever handle. Their Champion model is an exact match of the original “Champion Corkmaster” model manufactured in the late 1890’s, and is available in an antique Pewter or polished-nickel finish. Several base and handle choices are available.

Can’t you just imagine the impression on your guests when they see one of these masterpieces in use. And these classic designs would be a compliment to any table or home wine bar d├ęcor.

Quality Construction:

The mechanical operation of the opener is a patented process that has proven its durability and soundness for over 100 years. Rogar has ensured the dependability of its models by using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes in their construction. They also back their products with a profession parts and repair facility that ensures, should there ever be a problem, you are not buying a throw-away wine bottle opener. A Rogar lever opener is one that can be passed on to the next generation of wine lovers in your family.

Ease of use:

It is hard to expound on how easy it is to use a Rogar wine opener. It’s so simple you just insert the bottle, pull the lever once, and pour the wine. There are none of the struggles normally associated with a traditional corkscrew wine bottle opener. To say more would just be adding fluff for content.

Life is full of choices between purely functional products versus top-of-the-line products, and when you are considering a new lever wine opener, the Rogar wine opener is definitely top-of-the-line.

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